In Memory of Paul Nicholas James Humber

Posted 26th January 2023

Ex member of the squadron, Paul Humber, sadly died 31st December 2022 at the age of 75.

Following a career as a Naval Aviator, Paul joined the squadron around 1995, initially as a member of the Civilian Committee then later as a Civilian Instructor. Throughout his time with the squadron, Paul’s wealth of knowledge proved invaluable for the cadets who he taught a range of aviation related topics.

Paul’s commitment to the squadron and passion for aviation wasn’t only applied in the classroom, he also had an enormous hand to play in ensuring cadets were afforded the opportunity to attend flying and gliding as much as possible. He organised flying and gliding allocations on the squadron, delivered briefings to the cadets, and also gave up many weekends to take cadets on these flying and gliding days.

Paul always had a story to tell, and he also provided much entertainment to the staff on the squadron through his humour and great wit, not to mention his comical rants! He will be greatly missed by all who knew him in his more than 25 years with the squadron.